• Our Mission


    We are here to respond and provide basic life-saving service with innovation and dedication, but with dignity and in the shortest time possible.

    Our Vision


    Enable a society to effectively handle catastrophic events while improving its capacity for long-term sustainability by including the citizens to take long-term and interactive views of community resiliency
  • Works to preserve the dignity of life.
    Human rights and advocacy programs
    are to empower persons and societies.
  • Aims to empower women.
    Respect and support the humanitarian law.
    Strives to fulfill its mission by
    working with national expertise.
  • One of our core beliefs as humanitarian groups is that every person has the right to be protected and aided when faced with disaster or conflict. To ensure that people have all of their basic needs fulfilled.
    As a humanitarian organization, GERA ensures service to all individuals, regardless of age, culture, gender, origin, political persuasion, or race.
  • When it is required, GERA applies to everyone, medical assistance, socio-economic development, and overall progress.

    GERA is putting the affected population at the heart of its humanitarian endeavors, giving them direct assistance and serving their needs.

    An affirmation of the Humanitarian Imperative is GERA claims that our humanitarian actions take precedence over everything, and emergencies must never result in human suffering.


    We are present in 14 countries around the globe to carry out our vision of enabling societies to effectively handle catastrophic events while improving their capacity for long-term sustainability by allowing citizens to take long-term and interactive views of community resiliency. We make all of these possible through the help of our partners and individuals whose hearts are in tune with the needs of those who are victims of war, poverty, and the lack of opportunities to grow and flourish on their own. We train and improve our employees' leadership and management abilities.
  • We assist those just at the beginning and those already at a high level in their career development, as well as those in mid-career. Diversity means treating all applicants with respect, treating them equally, and giving everyone an equal opportunity We partner with other local and national nongovernmental organizations to increase our capacity for responding to emergencies. We partner with international NGOs helps us meet our objectives to respond to the crises that arise in emergencies.


    GERA is run by volunteers who want nothing more than to see the world heal day by day each day. There's no better solution than to start by extending a hand to help people who need it if you share a passion for making a difference. The most impact you can have is to change people's lives, who can change others' lives in return. Together we can help local societies and communities respond to their emergencies appropriately and retain resilience.

    GERA reflects on your own inner values
    Volunteering and donations are great ways to commemorate love
    Supporting GERA is an opportunity to give something back.
    Helps earn respect

    GERA's main goal is to respond to needs that endanger human life on the one hand and to give hope and appropriate care to the most vulnerable or disadvantaged populations on the other, while guaranteeing their human rights and respecting their dignity. To provide basic and quality health care services, to contribute to the socioeconomic development of most populations in precarious situations all over the world.